Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hi there.

Hi Blogland.

WHOA... it has been way too long since I've written on here. And a ton of things has happened.

My grandfather passed away about a week and a bit ago. It was so difficult. I still don't think I've sat down and thought about it since. I miss him alot. He had dementia so I feel like I've been grieving for two years now. Still feels awful though. Good thing though - I know where he is! He's in heaven with our Heavenly Father! Can't beat that! And I know that he's been restored. Can't wait to see him again.

I got to talk to some distant relatives who I've been hoping to meet, being the family genealogist. Hahaha. I so would've liked to interview them properly...but it was neither the place nor the time.

This past Saturday we (my sisters, my mom and my cousin Chelsea) had an afternoon of scrapbooking/card making at my sister's house. It was great! I got four cards done... I will have to get pics of them to post on here...ya know to prove that I haven't been twiddling my thumbs this whole time. I have caught the bug again. All I want to do is make cards. Ahhh... If it wasn't so late I think I'd be card making right now!

So I'm going to keep this post short... I need some sleep.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just a Kiss

Hey Blogland,

I am back. I have been crazy busy the past week with appointments, youth stuff and just life in general. I had my ankle surgery yesterday and it was successful!! YAY!! It's over and done with.  And I am so happy about that!! Praise God!  Okay so where should I start off.... well last Friday I got to hold my little neice Genevieve for the first time. She is just so precious. I totally can't wait to see her again.

Then on Saturday there was a youth event planned in a local corn maze. I usually go thru the maze but this year it was out because of my ankle but I went after to help drive kids to grab a snack. When I got there I was walking up to some picnic tables and noticed that one of the kids didn't have his shirt on. . . which is weird because it was pretty cool out. So I went over to find out what was up. This guy, we'll call him Pete, told me that he was in the maze and ripped his pants. He then decided he would take them off and fix them with a bobby pin. Well someone came along and stole his pants from him. Then Pete took off his shirt and put it on like pants... thus explaining why he wasn't wearing a shirt and where his pants had got to.  Knowing this Pete character I couldn't help but laugh. One of the other guys went and grabbed him a long sleeve shirt but he wore his T-shirt pants for the rest of the night. His pants did get returned, thankfully.

Okay... then this week I got the results from my sleep test and it turns out I have sleep apnea. But from what I've heard... who doesn't. Then yesterday I had surgery... and now we're at today. Today I am taking it easy and just thanking God for keeping me safe and reminding me how much he loves me.

One of the girls in my sr. high youth group posted this video the other day... and I just love it. I hope you enjoy it too. It's time for me to sign off now.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh Baby, Baby

Hey Blogland,

So the past couple days have been very busy...and exhausting. I had my pre-op appointment, a sleep clinic test and then I was at the birth of my new neice. I haven't had much sleep so this is going to be a short post...but I have to say something about the new baby!

I am the proud "Auntie Lindy" to new baby Genevieve Shea Lee Polmateer. She is a beautiful 9lb 6oz baby. And I am so honoured that her parents gave her my middle name as one of her middle names - Lee. Her other middle name, Shea, is for her mom's other best friend Jamie. How cool is that?? I was there to hear her first cry at 2:58 am. My beautiful best friend Stacie (the mom) did wonderfully and looked so happy when I got to see little Genevieve for the first time in her mama's arms. I plan to visit them tomorrow... can't wait. I just want to snuggle her. I also want to see her three older siblings and spend some time with them.

I also found out that my cousin and his wife had their little baby girl last night... Preslee Jane... such a cute name! Hope her big brother Malachi adjusts to this new addition well.

Okay, now a quick note about the sleep test... hmmm well it didn't seem like I did much sleeping. I mean how can you with all these little wires attached to you and in a place that's not anything like home. Not to mention the fact that you're on camera and there is someone watching you the whole time... creepy. Oh well. It's over and done with.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Goodnight my friends,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunrise Blessings

I am so tired tonight. I am fighting with my eyes to stay open. They want to close sooooo badly. I was up at 5 am this morning to get ready to head to the hospital for my pre-op appointment. I am having surgery next Wednesday to get one of the screws taken out of my ankle. The surgeon said I will have more movement in my ankle once that screw is taken out. YAY!

As I am driving to the hospital and the sky is starting to get pink....I barely noticed because I was so anxious about the appointment. But then once I'm sitting in a waiting room I look out the window and the sky is gorgeous shades of orange and red growing into purple then blue with some white clouds scattered here and there. What a blessing. Wish I had gotten a picture.

Another blessing was meeting the anesthetist doctor. Such a nice man. Totally called his wife during my appointment just to ask her a question. He also laughed at my hand... which had a happy face drawn on it in permanent marker thanks to one of the girls from Chaos (sr. high youth group at our church) last night. I tried so hard to wash it off... but no success there. The nurse who took blood laughed too. You'd think with all the hand sanitizer there it would've helped....haha....nope. It calms the nerves a bit to be able to joke with the staff at the hospital. Definitely a blessing.

Being as tired as I am right now I wasn't tired at all today. I was super busy at work, which made the day FLY by! Honestly, two hours felt like two minutes. I love days like that. Where you are so into what you're doing - you don't even notice the clock.

Well, I am going to give in to my pillow and head off to dreamland.

Sweet dreams my friends...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Turning Tables

The past couple days I have been so in my head it's not funny. I am definitely the type of person to over think things. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not so much. I like to think about things. Sort out situations. I definitely think before I speak. I may not have an opinion right away but give me sometime to think...and well then...there it is.

When I started this entry... which has been a two-day endeavour...haha.. I had this rant about insensitive people. I decided to cut it out. I want this blog to be filled with good things. Things I love. Not things I don't love. Sounds like a good plan doesn't it. This world is filled with so many negative people and negative things. Well not this blog. Allright!
I love the song "Turning Tables" by Adele. The way the piano gives me the impression that there is a storm going on as she sings. It's just so powerful. I would LOVE to write a song like that one day. "Next time I'll be braver....standin on my own two feet."

Okay so I have a couple cards to show you. I made them awhile ago. I have to work on getting cards on here faster...haha.. not months later...ooops! Ah well.

The first one I had in mind for someone who maybe is moving into a new house or something. I found the quote online and did a little magic with it in Microsoft Publisher. I like the results. The papers are all scraps. It all started with that strip of polka dot paper. I love the polka dots.

Again with this second card I designed the quote in Publisher. I made it with a friend in mind who inspires me and always encourages me. I love spending time chatting with her! So much fun! So this card is also made from scraps, similar colours of the one above. The butterflies were punched out of paint sample chips. My Dad's a painter so we always have those paint colour books around. 

 I have a couple more cards...okay I have like 5 more cards that I will have to take pictures of to post on here. Maybe I can do that tonight. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Leave a comment if you want!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I want to but....

Hello again!
This is just going to be a quick post since it is way past my bedtime and I'm so very tired. Today was a busy day with work, another leader's meeting and then rushing to my sister's for a Pampered Chef show/party. It was all fun...just alot to pack into one day. Tomorrow I am going to see "The Help" for the second time. I am very excited though...cause it's so funny!! Anyways, hope you all had a lovely day today and have a great day tomorrow. Maybe one of these days I'll have time to create something!
Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who Are You?

Hello there.

Unbelieveable.  Third day in a row.  Wow.  Now another thing that is amazing - my parents have been married for 30 years today (well the 12th I'm up to late when I write on here).  I love the way they love eachother after all of these year. And how they have loved me and my sisters. What a blessing and an example they have been to me. LOVE YOU MOM & DAD!!!

I have been thinking alot about people lately.  How we treat people, what we say to people, how we say it, what we mean to eachother, and how we are effecting eachother.  To really think about how you act towards others... is sometimes really difficult.  I mean, it's not if you're thinking about the nice things you do and say, but what about the not so nice things.  Be honest.  We all have done it.  But what makes you a better person is discovering that how you treat people is a reflection of who you are - your character - and what's going on in your heart and head and dealing with that before you take it out on someone else.  Sometimes if you feel great, you want others to feel great.  Then sometimes when we feel bad...for some reason we want others to feel bad too.  Just a thought... what if we break away from that mold?  What if we train ourselves to be more aware of others... DING!  I think a light just went on... somewhere.  Great start.  Now what if we train ourselves to be more considerate of others.... DING!  There goes another one.  Next, let's take action on those considerate thoughts and put them into action.... DING! Okay that's definitely progress right there.  Nothin too too hard - but could be life changing.

Well now that I have that off my chest - hope it doesn't sound too nutty.  Like I said I've been thinking about it alot lately... maybe too much.  I just want peace on earth.  Is that too much to ask??  Haha.  Now I want to share one of my favorite songs right now...it's SO good!! It's a toe-tapper for sure!!  It's called "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace.

Well thanks so much for dropping by... feel free to leave a comment!!

Lots of love,