Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Flea's Market


This weekend it's just Mom and Me time. So today we decided we would go to a Flea Market in downtown Hamilton. It has some really great finds...and some really sketchy stuff too. My mom's favorite thing to look at is the jewellery. She loves gold jewellery, but lately has been looking for older necklaces with beads, crystals or pearls, so she can take them apart and make her own creations.

Anyways, this one booth in the middle of the market, this man had all this really old antique stuff. I mean, not garbage junky stuff. I found this cool shelf that I am going to update and put in our scrapbook/craft room. My wooden stamps now have a new home.

I will be putting up more card pics shortly, as I have been making them like crazy lately.

Anyways, see ya tomorrow!
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