Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creative Progress: Check

Hello Blogworld!

Okay so today was another day with my ankle up...still healing...still slow. BUT today I was able to sit and do some crafty creating. I had started to crochet a sock before I broke my ankle so I pulled that out and continued working on it. I made a lot of headway on it today. As I was crocheting, I was listening to Fish Radio from Nashville on my sisters laptop (which she has so graciously let me borrow until I am able to get around again....basically so I don't go stark raving mad...haha). I heard so many great songs...I meant to write some of them down. There was an old classic from Newsboys and some new great ones from Casting Crowns, Brendan someone...ooops, and so many others. I pretty much sang my way through the afternoon. Anyways, I'm still kinda new to this blogging thing so I'm not sure what else I should write about. I will try to think about more for tomorrow.

See ya!!

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