Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Way Back Into Love

Hello my fellow bloggers!

Okay so the fact that I'm even posting today is amazing. I have had a bad day. Maybe it was the rain, or just me getting down on not being able to walk, go anywhere or do anything I want to do. I was a complete range of emotions but I still wanted to share with you ... especially since the last time I blogged was Monday. YIKES!!

I have a few pictures I want to share. My sister was a sweetheart and gave me a pedicure (on my one foot that I hop on) and then did my nails. BUT my nails were so cool!!! She bought this new nail polish that crackles when it dries. So of course we did a bright pink on the bottom coat and then the crackle finish is black... awesome combo!! Check it out.

And then on Wednesday my other sister, Megan, had the day off! We planned to scrapbook and relax! I made a couple cards but the photo of the one didn't turn out so I only have the one picture to post. I like it. 

I used a journalling block for the centre part and added my sentiment from Stampin' Up's Always set...I think. The light blue dp was a scrap and then I used a clear stamp to stamp the border. I used a crocheted flower that I made and added a jewel brad that I stole (with her permission) from my sister. And I cut the leaves out from a piece of scrap paper. 

Now in my madness today I was sorting through some stuff from my room (which needs to be decluttered majorly) and I found a book that I've been wanting to read for awhile now. So I have put down my current read and switched it up for this one. 
I started it this afternoon and I'm already at the seventh chapter. I watched the beginning of this movie when I was at the dentist in February but the appointment wasn't long enough to watch the entire movie. So I plan on reading the book and then renting the movie if I like it. Which, so far, I do. 

The reason for my blog title today, I feel needs to be explained. I am watching the movie "Music and Lyrics" with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. In the movie they write a song titled "The Way Back Into Love" or something and I love it. It's such a funny movie - but I really just love any movie with singing in it. Ha ha. No seriously it's true. Sister Act & Sister Act 2 - Sound of Music - Mary Poppins. It also explains my current obsession with Glee - tons of singing!!! 

Okay well I feel a bit better now that I've shared all this with you. I hope to create some more cards tomorrow and hoping that it's a better day tomorrow. Whether it's raining or not. 

"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down.
Without the rain, there would be no rainbow."
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Until tomorrow....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Put A Little Heart In It

Good afternoon Blogland!

Recently my mom joined the world of blogging. And just like me she was unsure what to say, how to begin and how things worked. What I've come to realize is that my blog is just a way for me to communicate. Whether to people or just to myself later. In my mom's second blog entry, Passion, she asks, "What would you do with your time if you didn't HAVE to work?". Ironically, since I have broken my ankle I don't HAVE to work. Mind you I can't go anywhere either. So I have been thinking about what I would do...what I have been doing...and even maybe what I should do. I think that I've been doing pretty well. And doing things that I love. I've been reading, working on my family history, making cards (recently), visiting with friends and family, singing (okay maybe it's the same song over and over but it's stilll singing), watching some great shows on DVD, relaxing, and of course, blogging. I found a quote that I would like to share with you...

"Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it." Author unknown

My mom told me I should post the song that I keep singing over and over just so you get the idea. It is the song "Forget You" and it was featured on GLEE with special guest Gwenyth Paltrow singing it!! It's just my new favorite song... (BTW the full version of the song is on my playlist over there -------> )

Well the next bit of info I have for you today is that I did ANOTHER challenge today and I made TWO more cards!! So the challenge today on Splitcoaststampers was the Clean And Simple challenge where you have to make a simple card focusing on the design rather than the paper or the embellishments. And for this one we also had a bit of inspiration too. Our inspiration was this cute bib from Toys R Us.

The card I made has the bright colours of these bibs and the clean and simpleness that was required for the challenge...with a little glitter of course.
The bunny image is a House Mouse stamp that I coloured with my Tombo markers. The "enjoy" sentiment is a StudioG clear stamp. The cardstock is American Crafts and the dp is paper I got so long ago I don't know what it is. Probably from a Slab.

Even though I made my card for the day I was so inspired by the clean and simple way of making cards that I made a second one out of some scraps. Hope you like it.
This card is made from leftover papers from the other day...I thought it was My Minds Eye but I think I'm wrong. I'll have to check and get back to you. I used some stickles on the polka dotted journal block. I love it. As I close off I wanted to leave you with another quote I found...

"Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."
- Jamie Paolinetti

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love You in Blue

Hey Blogland!!

What I am about to tell you may shock you...for the second day in a row I have not only made a card, but completed another challenge on Splitcoaststampers. WHOA!!!! YES!! And it was so fun! So today we were supposed to go to another stamper's gallery and CASE (copy and share everything) one of their cards. I picked Becky's "Daydreaming" card. I personally loved Becky's card. The colours, the layout, and the layering.

So I took her card as inspiration and copied the layering, the size, and I for the most part copied the layout as well. I added an embellishment and off-centred the sentiment and mid layer.

For my card "Love You in Blue" I used mostly My Minds Eye dp and then American Crafts brown cardstock. The sentiment was stamped with black StazOn on a square from a piece of My Minds Eye paper that had journalling squares on it. I coloured in the sentiment with my light blue Tombo marker. I crocheted the brown flower with embroidery floss and added the blue pearl brad to complete the card.

I wanted to get a close up of the flower so I thought I would share that with you too!! I made it today. So simple but adds so much to this card!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vintage Union Jack Inspiration

LindsayLee here. Reporting once again from bed.... story of my life right now. BUT big news...after all of my begging all week (not annoying begging just asking) my amazing dad went up to my room and brought downstairs some of my scrapping stuff!!!!!! OH MY!!!! So thankful for him today and his heart! He said that he wanted to because it would make today a little bit different than every other day has been for the past six weeks!! I love my Dad!!  

Today the inspiration challenge IC279 on Splitcoast Stampers is to use an image of a product at Cox & Cox to make a card. I have chosen the Vintage Fabric Union Jack Cushion
as my inspiration. So I have used this cushion - I love the colours.

So I took the same pattern but making the X the more prominent and using similar colours and patterns of paper to create my card. I used My Minds Eye Kraft paper and tag and American crafts cardstock. The sentiment is a Studio G clear stamp that I stamped with black StazOn ink. To make the lace I used a Martha Stewart lace punch - love that!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed making the card below.... and participating in a challenge!!

I hope it's not blurry.... Anyways, I also took the next picture to show my cast a little bit...see my toes? Haha. And notice the three dining room chairs? Yes, my bed is in the dining room.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

From my bed...

Hey Blogland,

I decided that for me to write anything worth reading on this blog I have to actually do something. So I decided to wait a day and then fill you in on what I did... Sounds like common knowledge, I know, but for me blogging is still a bit of a mystery world. I am working on figuring it out and hope you don't mind tagging along for the ride.

So there were a couple things that happened yesterday that I wanted to share. My Nana (my dad's mom) came to visit me and see how I am doing. She brought me a Primrose plant or Primula - it's a lovely yellow flower! I have been working on my genealogy and I found a couple documents in regards to my great-nana. As I was sharing those with my Nana she started telling me stories about her family. About her grandfather and a couple of his siblings. For me this is huge! I look up people in the family tree and it's great to find them somewhere in time in a census or bmd record. But to have personal accounts of who they were or what they did. That's what makes family history rich and worth knowing about. And it will add to my scrapbook when I get around to working on it. When my Nana was leaving to go home (after spending almost the whole afternoon telling me stories) I thanked her and told her that I looked forward to another visit with more stories. I really do!

Then last night my cousins from my mom's side came over. My mom has one sister and she has four kids - Melly, Jules, Stephanie and Matt. So the girls came over and brought Matt's fiance Genevieve. We watched American Idol - it was so funny. I sat there laughing so hard. My cousins are so honest with their opinions it was just hilarious...and refreshing! After the show we just chatted. Melly is pregnant and this was the first time seeing her with 'the belly'. It was so cool! She's the oldest cousin and she's having the first great grandchild. It's such an amazing thing - the next generation. So then Matt came over for a quick visit after he was done work. It was a fun evening catching up with them.

So as I am in my bed (one of the two places I can relax comfortably with my broken ankle), watching Criminal Minds, I look forward to what today holds. Maybe I'll do something creative!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cast # 5

So I went to the fracture clinic on Monday to get my cast off and see what my next steps were. I was nervous and anxious - wishing that I could just walk. Then there was this girl who was walking out and I had noticed that she had the same kind of scars that I on either side of her ankle. Her mom and her stopped to talk to me and she said that when she got her cast off they made her walk across the room... I was so scared that the surgeon would make me do that I wanted to ask my mom to take me home. Well don't worry... he didn't make me walk at all. He put on my 5th cast and said that I can start putting a bit of weight on it. What a relief!!

Okay so people keep asking me if I'm getting bored...duhhh!! I haven't been reading but I have like 10 books waiting for me to read that my mom and my aunt have given me. I started Nora Roberts' "Night Shift, Night Shadows" yesterday. And it's already promising to be a good read. I also plan on doing some stamping today... if I can get someone to grab my supplies for me. I am going through a stamping/scrapping withdrawal. I need colorful paper, my personal trimmer, markers, ink, stamps... oh my! I am getting too excited at the prospect of creating something today!!!

Ta ta for now!