Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cast # 5

So I went to the fracture clinic on Monday to get my cast off and see what my next steps were. I was nervous and anxious - wishing that I could just walk. Then there was this girl who was walking out and I had noticed that she had the same kind of scars that I on either side of her ankle. Her mom and her stopped to talk to me and she said that when she got her cast off they made her walk across the room... I was so scared that the surgeon would make me do that I wanted to ask my mom to take me home. Well don't worry... he didn't make me walk at all. He put on my 5th cast and said that I can start putting a bit of weight on it. What a relief!!

Okay so people keep asking me if I'm getting bored...duhhh!! I haven't been reading but I have like 10 books waiting for me to read that my mom and my aunt have given me. I started Nora Roberts' "Night Shift, Night Shadows" yesterday. And it's already promising to be a good read. I also plan on doing some stamping today... if I can get someone to grab my supplies for me. I am going through a stamping/scrapping withdrawal. I need colorful paper, my personal trimmer, markers, ink, stamps... oh my! I am getting too excited at the prospect of creating something today!!!

Ta ta for now!

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