Friday, April 8, 2011

From my bed...

Hey Blogland,

I decided that for me to write anything worth reading on this blog I have to actually do something. So I decided to wait a day and then fill you in on what I did... Sounds like common knowledge, I know, but for me blogging is still a bit of a mystery world. I am working on figuring it out and hope you don't mind tagging along for the ride.

So there were a couple things that happened yesterday that I wanted to share. My Nana (my dad's mom) came to visit me and see how I am doing. She brought me a Primrose plant or Primula - it's a lovely yellow flower! I have been working on my genealogy and I found a couple documents in regards to my great-nana. As I was sharing those with my Nana she started telling me stories about her family. About her grandfather and a couple of his siblings. For me this is huge! I look up people in the family tree and it's great to find them somewhere in time in a census or bmd record. But to have personal accounts of who they were or what they did. That's what makes family history rich and worth knowing about. And it will add to my scrapbook when I get around to working on it. When my Nana was leaving to go home (after spending almost the whole afternoon telling me stories) I thanked her and told her that I looked forward to another visit with more stories. I really do!

Then last night my cousins from my mom's side came over. My mom has one sister and she has four kids - Melly, Jules, Stephanie and Matt. So the girls came over and brought Matt's fiance Genevieve. We watched American Idol - it was so funny. I sat there laughing so hard. My cousins are so honest with their opinions it was just hilarious...and refreshing! After the show we just chatted. Melly is pregnant and this was the first time seeing her with 'the belly'. It was so cool! She's the oldest cousin and she's having the first great grandchild. It's such an amazing thing - the next generation. So then Matt came over for a quick visit after he was done work. It was a fun evening catching up with them.

So as I am in my bed (one of the two places I can relax comfortably with my broken ankle), watching Criminal Minds, I look forward to what today holds. Maybe I'll do something creative!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Shirley said...

Hope you are healing. I had a broken foot once and it was a royal pain. I broke it at the airport! I didn't fly anywhere! LOLOL