Saturday, September 17, 2011

Turning Tables

The past couple days I have been so in my head it's not funny. I am definitely the type of person to over think things. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not so much. I like to think about things. Sort out situations. I definitely think before I speak. I may not have an opinion right away but give me sometime to think...and well then...there it is.

When I started this entry... which has been a two-day endeavour...haha.. I had this rant about insensitive people. I decided to cut it out. I want this blog to be filled with good things. Things I love. Not things I don't love. Sounds like a good plan doesn't it. This world is filled with so many negative people and negative things. Well not this blog. Allright!
I love the song "Turning Tables" by Adele. The way the piano gives me the impression that there is a storm going on as she sings. It's just so powerful. I would LOVE to write a song like that one day. "Next time I'll be braver....standin on my own two feet."

Okay so I have a couple cards to show you. I made them awhile ago. I have to work on getting cards on here faster...haha.. not months later...ooops! Ah well.

The first one I had in mind for someone who maybe is moving into a new house or something. I found the quote online and did a little magic with it in Microsoft Publisher. I like the results. The papers are all scraps. It all started with that strip of polka dot paper. I love the polka dots.

Again with this second card I designed the quote in Publisher. I made it with a friend in mind who inspires me and always encourages me. I love spending time chatting with her! So much fun! So this card is also made from scraps, similar colours of the one above. The butterflies were punched out of paint sample chips. My Dad's a painter so we always have those paint colour books around. 

 I have a couple more cards...okay I have like 5 more cards that I will have to take pictures of to post on here. Maybe I can do that tonight. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Leave a comment if you want!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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