Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hi there.

Hi Blogland.

WHOA... it has been way too long since I've written on here. And a ton of things has happened.

My grandfather passed away about a week and a bit ago. It was so difficult. I still don't think I've sat down and thought about it since. I miss him alot. He had dementia so I feel like I've been grieving for two years now. Still feels awful though. Good thing though - I know where he is! He's in heaven with our Heavenly Father! Can't beat that! And I know that he's been restored. Can't wait to see him again.

I got to talk to some distant relatives who I've been hoping to meet, being the family genealogist. Hahaha. I so would've liked to interview them properly...but it was neither the place nor the time.

This past Saturday we (my sisters, my mom and my cousin Chelsea) had an afternoon of scrapbooking/card making at my sister's house. It was great! I got four cards done... I will have to get pics of them to post on here...ya know to prove that I haven't been twiddling my thumbs this whole time. I have caught the bug again. All I want to do is make cards. Ahhh... If it wasn't so late I think I'd be card making right now!

So I'm going to keep this post short... I need some sleep.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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